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Medical Office Furniture

Medical Furniture for the Healthcare Industry

If your hospital, medical office, or waiting room needs to be updated with new furniture, look to OFC to provide you with everything you need. We offer the highest quality waiting room furniture and hospital seating available in the Tampa area for a price that is reasonable for your budget. It is our mission to provide medical offices and hospitals with furniture that is comfortable for people of all sizes and medical conditions. We carry medical office furniture that is easy to clean, with simple maintenance, and top notch durability. Visit our showroom and talk to one of our professional furniture associates to discuss your needs.

Specialty Healthcare Furniture

Medical office furniture is often very different from standard office furniture. Waiting room furniture should be chosen with sick, hurting patients in mind. It should be very durable, wide enough to accommodate larger individuals, and easy to maintain. Hard, non-cushioned chairs that are uncomfortable for extended periods of time are usually not a good option for waiting room furniture. Healthcare offices may also need to provide special therapeutic seating, medical recliners, and bariatric chairs for patients with special needs. Heavy duty seating is also important for obese patients who will frequent your facility. No matter what type of furniture you need at your facility, we'll be able to help you find it at the right price.

Specialty Medical Furniture
Stylish Medical Furniture

Hospital Furniture

Hospital furniture extends far beyond medical beds. We offer hospitals the most practical, cost-effective designs for waiting room furniture, patient chairs, occasional tables, and even over bed tables. We also provide cheerful children's pediatric furniture to place in waiting rooms or in the pediatrics wards of your hospital. Patient room case goods are also available, along with medical recliners and therapeutic seating. Hospitals have a lot of traffic as people are constantly coming and going twenty-four hours a day. We are dedicated to providing patients and their families with comfortable medical furniture that makes the experience more tolerable, without costing the hospital a fortune.

Stylish Options

Your health care facility doesn't have to be boring. Bright white walls and sterile, minimalistic furnishings tend to make people more nervous in medical settings. Put your patients at ease with our comfortable patient chairs and beautiful hospital seating. Waiting room furniture can be attractive and even stylish. Many medical offices today are incorporating some creativity when designing their spaces, and with the numerous selections available - there's no reason not to! You can include heavy duty seating and even children's pediatric furniture in a space without compromising the design. We're here to provide you with the most stylish alternatives available in medical office furniture. Visit our showroom or call today!

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